Space-saving washbasin fits above...

Space-saving washbasin fits above washing machine

This specially designed washbasin fits above a washing machine for excellent space saving

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Installing a washing machine under a washbasin

With a conventional bathroom elements, there is only one way to fit a washbasin above a clothes washer: place it at an uncomfortable height, to have enough space between the bowl and the washer for the drain and siphon. This model has been specifically designed to provide the perfect solution to save space in a small bathroom, and allows installation of a standard (slim-depth) washing machine underneath the washbasin.


Outlet pushed to the back, beats any space saving siphon !

The key is in the design of the basin: we have reduced the depth, and most importantly pushed the drain to a back corner so that the plumbing is moved to the back. The drain is covered it with a remoable soap holder, for a perfect aesthetics and usability, and the first 47cm of depth are free of any obstruction. The bowl is only 9cm deep, still quite enough to keep the water, but when placed above the washing machine it helps keep the total height perfectly comfortable for any adult - about 95cm.

A gutter, covered by a removable soap holder, brings the water to the outlet in the back right corner, where a standard siphon can be installed. This leaves the space under the bowl totally free to place the washing washing (or anything else if you wish !)


Fits all slim-depth washing machines

You do not have to get a mini washing machine or anything similar, just choose a "slimline" (also called "shallow depth" or "slim depth") model from your favourite manufacturer. Capacities go up to 7Kg, and models include washer-drier combinations.

Below a list of examples from various manufacturers - this list is just an example, it's in no way exhaustive and should not be considered a recommendation. Check your favourite search engine for available models in your area.

The space available under the wash basin is 60cm wide * 47cm deep. Standard washing machine height (European models) is 85cm. Anything that fits in this space should be Ok, of course front loading is compultory !

  • Candy GOY105, Candy GO4107 (7Kg)
  • Siemens WS12X460 FF
  • LG Direct Drive Slim F12030CDP (6Kg)
  • Indesit Moon SISL 126 S
  • BEKO WMB5122
  • Ariston ALS104
  • Whirlpool AWG 4106 (6Kg) / AWG 4107 (7Kg)
  • Hoover Optima OPHS712
  • Bosch ClassiXX WLX24164


Dimensions: 60x60x9cm (See the schematic dimensions space-saving washbasin)Dimensions lavabo gain de place machine a laver

Standard (35mm diameter) hole for the faucet (see pictures)

The washbasin and soap holder are made of cast stone, a popular replacement for ceramic for bathroom products with a very similar aspect and without the "plastic" feeling of polyester-acrylic products.

Total Weight about 23Kg

Package includes washbasin & soap holder, wall mount brackets, drain/siphon with washing machine outlet pipe fitting. Faucet not included, choose your own.

Installation example

The following pictures describe the installation of the space-saving washbasin:

Installation machine à laver sous lavabo

Fix brackets to the wall

Installation machine à laver sous lavabo

Place the basin on the brackets

Installation machine à laver sous lavabo

Screw the basin to the brackets

Installation machine à laver sous lavabo

Install the outlet and siphon

 Installation machine à laver sous lavabo

Installation complete. The washbasin is fixed to the wall, so it is not touching the washer, to avoid vibration issues.


Electrical safety

European legislation requires specific precautions for installation of a washing machine in a bathroom, with 2 primary rules:

  • The washing machine must be placed in "zone 3" of the bathroom, more than 60cm away from the shower or bathtub
  • Its electrical supply must be earthed, and protected by a 30mA RCD (residual current device)

Please check your local regulations with a qualified electrician before ordering.


21 Kg
Cast stone
*Point fort 1
Incredible space saving
*Point fort 2
Plus d'encombrement du siphon
*Point fort 3
Installation facile
*Point fort 4
Compatible avec machine à laver de 47cm de profondeur
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