The Avocado concept

The Avocado concept, masterpiece of the designer Storz, combines in the same volume a very compact corner bathtub (150 or 160x75cm) and a washbasin placed above. Manufactured by Ravak, one of the European leaders in high-end bathrooms, this high-quality combination will allow you to optimise the most of a small bathroom.

The compact set for small bathrooms

The space-saving bathtub is designed to take up the least amount of space, while remaining as comfortable as possible - only the foot space is more limited than in a traditional bathtub, the shoulder width conforms to the standards .

About the washbasin, it is placed above the bathtub, thus optimizing space.

The composition

You can use some or all of the proposed components :

The frontpanel

The white acrylic frontpanel hides the entire rounded side of the tub. It is supplied with its fixing kit in order to install it in the best conditions.

The drain clic-clac system

The drain, composed by the bung and the siphon, has been specially designed for Ravak bathtubs. The bung closes by pressing and opens by pressing a second time for an easy use.

The washbasin Avocado

The Avocado asymmetric washbasin in harmony with the bathtub is original and elegant. There is a "Comfort" version for more space in width.

The u-shaped siphon

The U-shaped siphon in chrome finish is specially recommended for the Avocado concept: with its particular shape, it adapts perfectly to the curves of our compact washbasin.

Please note that the installation of a bath screen is not recommended on this model, the top of which is not flat: the waterproofing cannot be done correctly. If you want an extra "shower" function, see our BeHappy bathtub-shower and sink set.