Collection 10°

The 10° collection has been designed to combine design and space saving thanks to it's 10° tilt angle used on all the products in the range.

Find in the 10° collection the bathtub, the sink and their accessories specially designed with a similar design to create an unique atmosphere and perfect finishes.

Let yourself be seduced by this unique asymmetrical design to create a bathroom with character.

Manufactured by Ravak, one of the European leaders in high-end bathrooms, this high-quality bathtub will allow you to optimise a small bathroom.

The 10° collection was designed by renowned Czech designer Nosal and has won several international awards.


You can use some or all of the proposed products:

The resin bathtub apron

The white acrylic apron helps conceal plumbing and drainage systems while maintaining the asymmetrical shape of your tub. It is supplied with it's fixing kit in order to install it in the best conditions.

The bathtub wall

The 10° bathtub wall is designed to limit water splashes in the bathroom. His AntiCalc technology allows the glass to evacuate limestone and other sediments contained in the water and thus to facilitate his maintenance.

The wall faucet

With his unique and original design, the 10° wall faucet is the essential element to complete the 10° bathtub. His inclination allows great ease of use while providing a touch of authenticity.

The corner sink

The 10° corner sink in cast marble and resin is a great way to maximize space. Belonging to the 10° range, it benefits from a slight inclination which relatively facilitates his installation and provides more comfort of use.