Be Happy Collection

This design will save you an exceptional amount of space in your bathrooms: a bathtub, a shower and a washbasin combined in one and the same space of 1.50 m² for the smallest version!

* Also available in 160 and 170cm length.

The shape of our small bathtub does not interfere with the comfort of a bath. The depth and thickness of the edges make it possible to obtain a huge space saving compared to conventional bathtubs. Say goodbye to the feeling of being stucked in your bathtub, even if it takes up minimal floor space.

The BeHappy concept has been thought out down to the last details by a renowned Czech design studio : Nosal Design.

The composition

You can use some or all of the proposed components:

The resin frontpanel

Even the frontpanel has been optimized, thanks to its inclination, space is used to the maximum allowing a free access to the sink without being constrained. It is supplied with its fixing kit in order to install it in the best conditions.

The screen bath

The screen bath completely protects the shower bath area. Conforming to the shape of the bathtub, it does not let any drop pass outside. The screen is foldable and thus allows the user to delimit the space to be covered and to fully retract it when it is unnecessary for the bath.

The asymmetric washbasin

The sink is placed in suspension above the foot area so the comfort of the bath is not compromised while providing a comfortable space for washing hands. The shape of the sink perfectly matches that of the bathtub for a guaranteed comfort.